Contact lock

Welcome to Zooork.

"Contact locks for your profile"

You know it already?

They had a profile, "search partnership" There are inquiries like: Lust once to f ..... etc?

You can choose the following contact locks:

Contact lock 1 for: "Flirts, erot. Meeting" (Only users who have chosen "Partnership" when registering can contact us!)

Contact lock 2 for: "Partnership" (Only users who have chosen "Flirts, erot. Treffen" when registering can contact us!)

No contact lock: (All users who have registered with "Flirt, erot. Treffen, Partnerschaft" can contact you!)

Help with harassment: (You can report a user through the app that profile is then quickly removed and can not contact them anymore. Attention: Important they have never sent your email address!)

Recommended selection is (no contact lock) You can order a contact lock at any time.

You decide!