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Welcome to Zooork.

The download will be switched to our own server. New Download Version 23 / 24 / 24-2

The next trial 24-5 is online, caution may have crashes.

New is the category "BDSM".

Due to inquiries about the contact form, we build a section "BDSM". Checked profiles can be created here.
There will also be an extended profile for BDSM profiles. We gladly accept suggestions on what should be in there.
Remember, Zooork is free, for you.

The new Zooork version 24 is online, here and in the Play Store. 15.03.2018.

The new Zooork version 24 is online.

Another function has been added,
of course, this new feature is also available for free.
The category "discrete" has been added.

Give us 5 stars in the Google Play Store, tells Zooork, you make us known.

Due to a request

Due to an inquiry why we do not have profiles, only build-up profiles because we do not create any deceptive profiles, lock profiles, fake profiles!

Why, Zooork is free!